Riina Bhatia 217

Wellbeing within planetary boundaries

I am Riina Bhatia, a researcher of sustainable futures, and a Green Party candidate from Helsinki. I stand as a candidate for the parliament because I want to work for an ecologically sustainable welfare-state.

The growth-driven economic policies are the root cause for today’s climate and environmental crisis. Simultaneously, policies constantly pushing for more efficiency and cutbacks in social spending have driven the foundations of our welfare state into a crisis. It is time to change this and to make the economy genuinely sustainable – both socially and ecologically.

The basic elements of an eco-welfare state are the resilience of environment and climate, happiness, wellbeing, a sensible standard of living, meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging and the ability to fulfill oneself.

Election day is the 2nd of April, 2023. If you want sustainable wellbeing, cast your vote for number 217 in Helsinki!

– Riina

My themes

Environment: Planetary boundaries and ecological sustainability

Human activity needs to happen within the planetary boundaries. Continuous growth-driven economic policy is one of the main causes for the climate and environmental crisis. It is time to change this and make our economy genuinely sustainable.

Economy: From endless growth to sustainable wellbeing

To create a sustainable society, we need major investments to restructure our economy and to promote people’s knowhow and wellbeing. Instead of constant cutbacks, we need to reform our economy through investments, broad cooperation, and investments in wellbeing. This way we can take care of both the planet and the people.

Future: Fairness and equality

The transition towards an ecologically sustainable future demands drastic changes in our ways of consumption and working. It is essential to ensure that this transition is fair not only in Finland but also globally. Besides human-centered sustainability, we need to ensure fairness across the spectrum of all species.